Makes castration fast, easy, and effective without complications. Easier to use and much less cumbersome. Delayed castration by banding and the use of natural testosterone result in 10-15% improvement in pre- and post-weaning gain, 20% improvement in post-weaning conversion, increased muscle and frame growth, and improved carcass cutability. The loop and clip unit on this bander makes the job fast, easy, and convenient and works well on any size animal. The winding mechanism tightens the heavy rubber cord with little effort, and the special clip design holds the band securely in place, reducing scrotal drop time. Has a built-in tension meter that senses proper tightness every time, regardless of the operator or the size of the animal. With the Smart BanderĀ, castration is safe to perform, painless, nonstressful to the animal, and there is no blood loss. Complete kit comes in a plastic storage case and contains the bander, five loops, video, and instructions.

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