A heavier, more powerful dehorner with 225 watts of heat for greater thermal capacity. With only four minutes of preheating, it¹s ready to accomplish continuous dehorning for as long as 45 minutes at mid- temperature setting with one butane fill. Working temperature is adjustable up to 1100° F. Removing the pre-emergent horn (debudding) is the most humane and efficient way to eliminate horn tissue in cows and goats. The totally portable Dehorner II makes it possible to dehorn and debud anywhere ‹ in the field, in the pen, in the barn. This dehorner features self-ignition at the flick of a switch. Well-designed with a stainless steel body which can withstand many years of use, this unit is longer (9-3/4" overall length) and larger than the original Portasol model. Also features a comfortable grip and a hand guard stand to keep the hot tip from touching other surfaces. Dehorner comes with a 3/4" tip in a heavy plastic storage case with instructions.

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