The Medi-Boot is teh result of extensive efforts to design a durable, protective boot for the bovine foot. Ideal for bovine foot conditions requiring protection from contamination and/or trauma: foot rot, sole abscesses, heel cracks, toe cracks, ulcers, white line diseases, wounds, and laminitis. Constructed from materials that are soft and pliable, yet remarkably tough and durable. This heavier, 12½ oz. boot is shaped and molded to provide ease in application and weasing. Using Medi-Boot, the foot may be examined as desired without repeated bandaging. Medications can also be applied without waste or removing the boot.
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Ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as warts, puncture wounds or other aggravated foot conditions exist. The boot also relieves pressure when signs of bruises appear. The soft, pliable upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly. The boot opens wide for easy on/off application. The durable triple-layered bottom is made of a tough polyvinyl compound making it reusable many times over. Standard size boot fits adult cow.
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Treat hoof problems faster, safer, and easier with an irrigating hoof boot. This irrigation boot allows you to flush the hoof with antibiotics, then draw out the excess liquid, dead skin, and other matter to leave it clean and treated ‹ while cushioning the hoof and protecting it from reinfection at the same time. In just three days, most conditions (including warts) are dried up and healed, without cutting them. Helps to prevent secondary infection, reinfection, and the spread of disease. A 60 cc syringe fits snugly in the irrigator tube which ends so medication is directed up between claws. After cleaning, the boot may be used again and again. 12" H x 8-1/2" at bottom (6-1/2" at top). Fits trimmed 4-year-old cows.
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Flexible - durable - won't damage hooves - quick and easy to use. Simply the best acrylic hoof repair product on the market. Available for cows and horses. A quick-curing, high tech dental acrylic resin is the key material in the HOOF-it® system. It is less odorous than other products on the market. It's easy to mix and use and provides consistent results. With accelerator treatment can be done in four minutes even a -22 degree F. Includes: twelve 2.5 oz. powder bags, 17.6 oz. MMA liquid, 12 mixing baskets, 12 spatulas. six large blocks, six small blocks.
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