Penetrates deep into the hoof to attack hoof rot, foot rot, fouls, and foot scald. Quick clinical response, rapid loss of lameness. No discoloration, hardening, shrinkage, or brittling of the hoof. Non-toxic. Won't stain wool or hair. No residues, no withholding. 16 oz. topical solution. Ready-to-use squeeze bottle.
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An innovative product that replaces the traditional footbath for prevention and treatment of lameness. Hoofmat is a soft, foam-filled, porous mat that is 71" x 36" x 1-1/2". Easy to useŠjust pour copper sulfate solution or other hoof treatment solutions onto the Hoofmat where it soaks in, then let cows walk over the mat as they enter the milking parlor, feeding station, or some other congregation point. After use, the mat is simply hung up to wash and drain. Benefits include lower cost, easy installation, less chemical usage, greater safety, more effective treatment, and less environmental contamination. One eight gallon fill of Hoofmat will treat 80 cows. Mat will last for approximately 100,000 cow passes.
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A triple-action formula for managing hairy heel warts, foot rot, white line, and other associated diseases. New-Hoof is a safe, effective, biodegradable product. It can be used on cattle (beef and dairy) and sheep. Provides the benefits of ionized copper, a low adjusted pH, and a detergent/surfactant. The wide spectrum of solutions in this product enables it to work under the toughest hoof and environmental conditions. Spray to the point of saturation; continue to spray two or three times daily for 10 to 14 days. Convenient one-quart spray bottle.
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