The Birdscare Octopus® scares birds with its penetrating, predator eyes and its tentacles that reflect sunlight. Any movement of the wind will set the octopus in motion, causing it to spin and dance around with tentacles outstretched and flashing brilliantly. The predator eyes signal danger to the birds; they associate the metallic tape tentacles with fire. Effective in repelling birds in a wide variety of crop and garden applications
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One glimpse of these bulging eyes sends nuisance birds scattering. The bobbing motion and waving streamers simulate live predator birds, which frightens pest birds immediately. (Works on all species of birds except robins.) In most cases, as few as six Scare-Eyes™ per acre is effective (rotate colors every three weeks or effectiveness is lost). Completely safe, with instant results. Great for gardens, farm fields, orchards, yards, etc.
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Pest birds and wildlife are frightened away by the Guardian's sonic blast, which sounds much like a shotgun. By a simple adjustment of the pressure regulator, the 120 decibel blasts can be timed for intervals of three minutes, up to 30 minutes. Powered by readily available, economical propane gas, which will provide approximately 17,000 blasts per 20-lb. tank. This single rotary unit is best suited to most agricultural applications, and is ideal for vineyards or other areas where elevation of the cannon is beneficial. With each blast, the cannon rotates 30° to 50°, protecting a much greater area (over five acres). The tripod height is adjustable from 4-7 ft
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