Livestock are easily controlled as they readily identify the poly tape fence wire. Constructed from a combination of tinned copper wire and vinyl coated polyester. The tinned copper gives excellent con-ductivity while the vinyl coated polyester furnishes extraordinary strength ‹ 7 strand, 9/16" wide, 330 lb. tensile strength. Lightweight, portable. Easy installation ‹ easily rewound and reused ‹ easy to repair and splice. No kinks or stretching. Weather resistant ‹ no rusting or corroding. Ideal for permanent applications, rotational grazing, controlling larger livestock, and in high temperature regions. 660 feet (1/8 mile).
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For ³high visibility² electric fences, this one-of-a-kind blue poly tape is a must. It consists of a 1/2" solid blue tape with five lines of tinned copper wire. These wires will not rot or rust and are approximately 65 times more conductive than traditional stainless steel tape. This tape is easily seen by animals and fencer and can be used over and over again. Works great for rotational and controlled grazing and temporary fencing. Breaking strength: 230 lbs. Comes on a spool of 656 ft. (200 meters).
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