Medium chest piece 1-3/4" dia. Nickel- and chrome-plated metal. Flat chest piece has single stem. Hard rubber ear tips.
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Swine breeders - improve your efficiency by detecting pregnancy fast and early with one of the least expensive pregnancy detectors available anywhere! Uses ultrasound to detect pregnancy as early as 18 days. With practice, you can achieve 100% accuracy at 30 days on healthy animals! Safe - all testing is done externally. Easy, one-hand operation - probe is built right into unit so there are no cables to become tangled. Simple to use - no lights to watch, just listen for the unique sound. This handheld portable unit weighs less than one pound, and operates on a 9V battery (included). Solid-state circuitry. Acid-resistant plastic housing cleans with soap and water. 100% tested to assure reliability and accuracy.
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A fast, safe, and accurate ultrasonic pregnancy tester for hogs. No lights to watch - no buttons to push! Uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to detect amniotic fluid present during pregnancy. When this fluid is detected, the instrument produces a loud continuous tone. When used on an animal which is not pregnant, the instrument produces an intermittent recurring tone. The intermittent tone also indicates that good skin contact is being made. Clinically proven 100% accurate on normal sows and 97% accurate on ewes. Testing may begin as early as 18 days with swine (open sows can be diagnosed as early as 30 days). Helps confirm pregnancy in animals purchased or sold and aids in identification of feed-wasting nonproducers and low producers at very early stages. Rechargeable ni-cad battery pack will last for years and give many hours of testing on one overnight charge. Unique circuitry causes the unit to turn itself off when the battery needs recharging, assuring the user against erroneous readings due to insufficient power. Battery charger is included. Rugged, heavy-gauge aluminum construction guarantees against interference by radio waves in the atmosphere, a major accuracy problem with some ultrasound instruments. Lightweight and small enough to slip in your pocket or clip on your belt. Please note: Can be special ordered for use on sheep
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Designed for deeper penetration and enhanced signal strength. Helps minimize production costs and reduces labor cost with early pregnancy detection. Well-proven Dop-pler effect for "fail-safe" testing. 100% accurate means no false positives. If the pulse is heard, the sow is pregnant! Digital filtering eliminates unpleasant background noise. Rechargeable batteries provide power for three hours of use or six hours of typical operation
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PREG-ALERT® saves time, increases accuracy, and eliminates profit-robbing guesswork from livestock farming. It is a multipurpose ultrasonic instrument for the detection of pregnancy in swine, sheep, cattle, and horses. Also measures backfat and loin muscle depth in swine, cattle, and sheep. Reduces the possibilities of abortion and infection which may result from the use of physical methods of pregnancy detection such as palpation or skin-breaking techniques of backfat measurement such as the metal ruler. Uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to detect the amniotic fluid present in pregnancy and the thickness of the tissue layers comprised of fat and loin. Detects pregnancy in: swine at 25-30 days (as early as 19 days with large litters); cattle as early as 30-37 days; sheep beginning at 60 days (55 days for twins) and in many cases, as early as 30 days; and horses at 30 days. Determine thickness in mm of back fat to 50 mm and loin muscle to 200 mm in swine, cattle, and sheep. Fully portable, powered by rechargeable NiCad batteries, good for 1,000 charges (operates for 11 hours on one charge, charger included). Rugged all-metal construction to withstand adverse environments. Dimensions: 8-1/4" x 9-1/2" x 3-1/4
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