Specially designed teat dip cup with features dairymen have requested! Angled to reach the rear quarters easier, this cup has a splash-proof lip; a deep 2-1/2" narrow cup excellent for teat immersion; and a flexible container you squeeze to fill, release to empty. 300 ml capacity. Chemical-resistant; will not crack. Built-in belt/hanger hook. 8-5/8" H.
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Has 50% wider diameter (6¼") and larger capacity with an unusually practical black antisplash screen for detecting mastitis-infected milk. Snap the screen in and out with a simple flick of the thumb. This ensures no contact with potentially infected milk. Emptying and cleaning is simple and quick.
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This dipper has non-siphon action which does not allow any contaminats to flow back into the main reservoir. By keeping the contaminants out of the main reservoir, you ensure the use of only fresh dip for each cow. Features a deep inner liner which helps ensure that three-fourths of the teat is covered while not wasting excess dip. Also has a wide, splash-proof mouth with a durable belt clip. All parts are made of a tough, durable, chemical-resistant plastic.
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Long-life pulsator designed for heavy-duty working conditions. This simple, reliable, variable-speed, alternating vacuum pulsator will give you great performance in any milking system ‹ parlor, bucket or pipeline. ³Dustop² felt air filter has large surface area for excellent filtration of even microscopic particles. cover design gives perfect seal for best protection in dusty conditions. ³Surematch² slide and valve system features improved valve plate material for friction reduction and smooth interaction. Diaphragm material has been selected for its fatigue resistance qualities. Reliable, easily rebuilt, with few moving parts and no fluid. 60:40 ratio. Fits all adapters listed below (adapter required for operation; adapters sold separately). Shipped directly from Wisconsin factory.
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De Laval style standard claw has larger inside dimensions with an enlarged bowl to help prevent vaccum fluctuations on fast milking cows. All parts are interchangeable with original De Laval parts; you can even add the complete bowl listed below to your present claw to increase the claw capacity.
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