Helps Reduce
Crossover Resistance!

Max-Con™ is an economical, synergized pyrethroid tag containing 7% cypermethrin, 5% chlorpyrifos and 3.5% piperonyl butoxide. The unique action of this tag helps to reduce crossover resistance from pyrethroids to organophosphates. Max-Con™ controls horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast ticks, spinose ear ticks, and aids in control of stable flies, house flies, and lice for up to four months at 2 tags per head. Max-Con™ is approved for use on beef and lactating dairy cattle and should be rotated with WARRIOR™ or OPtimizer™ tags to help manage horn fly insecticide resistance.

Controls horn flies, face flies, Gulf Coast Ticks, Spinose Ear Ticks, and aids in the control of stable flies, houseflies and lice. Substantially controls pyrethroid-resistant horn flies for up to 4 months.
  1. Approved for use on all beef and dairy cattle, including calves and lactating dairy cows.

  2. The only U.S. cattle tag to contain cypermethrin, a broad-spectrum insecticide with repellent activity.

  3. Controls ectoparasites which cause major economic losses.

  4. Reduces need for frequent spray treatments.

  5. May be used in winter for biting lice control.

  6. Requires no withdrawal time.

  7. Has Y-TEX patented Snap-Lok™ collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.

  8. Uses the proven Y-TEX two-piece application system.

  9. Can be used in rotation programs with WARRIOR™, OPtimizer™, BovaGard™ or other organophosphate tags to help manage horn fly resistance.
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Max-Con is available in plastic bags containing 25 tags and male buttons for attachment. The printed label provides a hanging display package.


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