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Diaphos™ Rx
is a unique 40% organophosphate ear tag which releases a synergized formulation of diazinon and chlorpyrifos from an exclusive Tri-Polymer matrix of nontoxic inert ingredients.
Diaphos Rx combines the high fly killing action of diazinon with the superior lice and tick control properties of chlorpyrifos. This dual activity formulation exhibits greater potency than either insecticide used alone and is especially effective against pyrethroid-resisitant pests. Diaphos Rx has a weight of 15 grams per tag for long-lasting activity.

Controls horn flies (including pyrethroid-resistant populations), biting lice, sucking lice, Gulf Coast ticks, spinose ear tick, and aids in control of face flies, stable flies and house flies.


  1. Approved for use on beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle.

  2. Controls economically significant parasites with a concentrated formulation, reducing total pesticide costs.

  3. Controls horn flies and aids in control of face flies for 3 to 4 months with one tag per head and up to 5 months with two tags per head.

  4. Controls lice, gulf Coast and spinose ear ticks up to 5 months and aids in control of stable and house flies with two tags per head.

  5. Controls biting lice and sucking lice for up to three months in winter with one tag per head.

  6. Requires no withdrawal time.

  7. Has Y-TEX patented Snap-Lok™ collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.

  8. Uses the proven Y-Tex two-piece application system.

  9. Ideal for rotation with ZetaGard™, PYthon™ or other pyrethroid tags to help manage horn fly resistance to insecticides.
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DIAPHOS™ Rx is available in packages of 20 tags and in Vet Packs of 100 tags (5 onces of 20 tags each). Each tag includes a male button for attachment.



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