Y-TEX Accessories
The Y-TEX PowerTagger™ attaches a two-piece tag in a split second - safely and easily. Improve your tagging efficiency with our PowerTagger. This unit is engineered for durability, operator safety, and ease of handling. Powered by compressed air, this tagger provides for high volume tagging and savings in time, labor and animal stress. Its interchangeable components allow the operator to apply the 2-piece ALL-AMERICAN tags, insecticide tags, and the 1-piece E-Z-AP tags.
Put the"Power" in your hand!

The most advanced hand application available for two-piece tags.
Features space age technology and materials. Constructed of reinforced, high-tech engineered thermoplastics and close precision metal parts for outstanding durability and corrosion resistance. Straight-line application, with a super strong nickel plated applicator pin won't bend or break. The UltraTagger® is designed with a wide open throat that never pinches livestock's ear. Made to apply ALL-AMERICAN tags and insecticide tags.


The one piece blade and handle is designed for fast, easy tag application. Molded from tough nylon with glass fibers added for extra strength. Standard length applicator for large and medium tags. Shorter model for the mini tags.

Also Available
A stainless steel collapsible applicator. Stainless Steel blade retracts into ABS plastic handle.

The newest way to apply our 3700 Series Feedlot Tags!
The Y-TEX One Piece Applicator is manufactured using an engineered plastic resin material. The applicator handle is molded into a pistol style grip design, which is both comfortable to use and requires minimum physical effort from the operator during tag application. The metal blade, which is molded directly into the handle is manufactured from hardened stainless steel. The stainless steel resists rust and corrosion while maintaining a razor sharp edge. Applying our Feedlot tags has never been easier and there are no broken blades.

Print anything that you want on your tags!
The Y-TEX Tag Ink™ marker is available in your choice of broad or fine tip in black ink. Y-TEX tags marked with the Y-TEX Tag Ink are guaranteed legible for 4 years.

Print anything that you want on your tags!
This marker available in black and white ink.
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