02/99 Network Genetics Newsletter




No. 6

FEV, 1999

122H1222 CHAMP Debuts @+93 Protein!

    122H1222 Diamond-S Luke CHAMP-ET has made quite a stir in the industry since receiving his proof in February. At +2999 pounds of milk and +93 pounds of protein Champ ranks number four in the Holstein breed for both. The exciting thing about his proof is that he is still well below his daughter yield deviations for milk, protein, and fat. In simple terms, if the daughters currently on his proof continue at their present levels of production, and the new daughters produce at the same level as the original daughters, his proof will go up. We certainly are not saying that will happen, but the daughters do hit the milking string running, milking at high levels right from the start.
    Champ comes from a great cow family developed at Diamond-S Holsteins, Waterford, CA. He is a Luke son from a tremendous Blackstar dam, Diamond-S Blkstar Cash VG-87 with over 40,000 of milk. There are many sisters to Champ scattered into many herds around the country, all doing exceptionally well for their owners. Two of note are his full sister that is VG with a VG mammary and over 32,000 milk, 1047 fat, and 1096 protein at 2 years, and a VG Sonny daughter that made over 40,000 pounds of milk , 1350 protein and 1400 fat. The Sonny is first CA Jr. two year old for protein and third for milk. There are also two full brothers at other studs that are over 80 pounds of protein on their first proofs.

    From the daughters we are seeing expect Champ to sire a pattern similar to Luke. They are above average stature, average strength and body depth, great feet and legs-the legs being a little on the straighter side, and well attached udders with teats centrally placed on the quarters. Protect Champ in the rumps-their pins do tend to be down. With the Champs just starting to be classified, don't expect a type proof until August.
    All in all, we are very excited about the Champ daughters, and the future of this breed leader for milk and protein. We believe you will hear a lot more from 122H1222 Diamond-S Luke CHAMP!

Producers Champ #5069

   122H1178 RANDER is at number 45 on the Top 100 TPI List. At +1455TPI +1637Milk +72Protein +79 Fat +1.2PTAT +.7UDC +.91FLC and 9%CE, few bulls can put it all together like Rander. If you have dairymen that are getting paid on cheese yield or pounds of fat and protein you should take special notice of Rander's +. 09% for both fat and protein. A Bellman from a Blackstar, he sires much more strength and frame than other Bellman sons. Rander also sires udders that are snugly attached both fore and rear, with teats way under the udder. The Rander's are calving the second time, and they are impressive. Here's one you should come to CA for our daughter tour April 8-10 and see his daughters. It will make you a believer that this bull is for real!

Sousa Rander Grade #333

   122H1141 LON continues to be the high profile bull at Network Genetics. An Aerostar from a great daughter of Blackstar, Lon sires them tall, long, deep, and silky with super feet and legs (+2.34FLC) and tremendous udders (+1.26). His production proof improved to +2025Milk and +60Protein, while his type stays among the best in the breed at+2.37PTAT. Many Lon daughters have calved the third time. They continue to be very mobile, correct cows that their owners love to milk, something we would expect with his tremendous linear. We feel he is still the "No Holes Aerostar".
Machado Lon Grade #90
   122H1169 CODY is the Bellman from a Melwood bred by Arlinda Holsteins. Cody sires a great combination of milk (+1950), fat (+.02% 75#), and protein (+.03% 69#), along with more than functional type (+1.13PTAT +.36UDC +1.79FLC). The Cody's are average stature cows with good depth and openness of rib, average strength, with correct udders and super feet and legs. For best results use Cody on tall front ended, stylish cows.
Van Foeken Cody  #131
   122H2067 BUTCH is another bull that needs consideration when choosing which bulls you will be working with to help your customers breed better, more profitable cows. His daughters have the dairy strength so many dairymen tell us they are looking for. They are wide, dairy cows with tremendous width and height of rear udder. At +2335Milk +75Protein +73Fat and +1.38PTAT Butch is another of our bulls that sire all around correct, profitable cows.
Valley Gold Butch Zens #4613
   122H1181 ROOKIE is another new release bull for February '99. The former Holstein International Young Sire of the Year, Rookie is the Bellman son from the Blackstar Elly, the next dam being the famous Rotate Ebony. A bull that is made for the times, he is +.09% +72Fat and +.04%Protein, along with a very nice type pattern (+1.71PTAT +.71UDC +1.82FLC). Use Rookie to sire the correct, medium sized, long lived cows with great feet and legs, well attached udders with correct teat placement and high components.
Rocky-Vu BLKS Ebony Elly-ET
122H1097 Rapture - Production proof increases with start of second crop daughters.
122H1128 Grover - High components bull with much better type than the linears show.
122H2063 Jazzy - High milk bull sires great open rib, good udders, 7%CE.
076H0156 Shandy - Red Carrier Momentum son from a Mark. Proof still going up.
076H0149 Vince - High type (+2.75PTAT), great udders (+2.72UDC), with +1738 Milk.
076H0158 Winner - High components, +.01% +60P +.04% +76F, with +1850 Milk and +1.70PTAT.