Network Genetics 11/98 Proof Highlights




No. 5

NOV, 1998

Network Genetics is pleased to announce the release of two new Holstein sires. 122H2070 MENTOR and 122H1194 EDITION enter the lineup at a time when fat has become an important selection trait. They are +85 and +95 pounds of fat respectively.
122H2070 MENTOR - Jo-Wal Prelude Mentor is a Prelude from Jo-Wal Cleitus Macey-et. This makes him a maternal brother to Metro. The Mentos are above average stature cows with dairy strength and correct feet and legs. At +1.81 UDC expect Mentor to sire well-attached, shapely udders. Along with his extreme fat (+85 pounds and +.12%) and overall good production, Mentor will sire the long-lived, modern cows dairymen are demanding. For best results use Mentor on cows with adequate depth of rib.

Zonneveld Mentor #763

122H1194 EDITION - Weaverline Bench Edition-ET is a Benchmark from a Blackstar full sister to 122H2036 Energy. Edition is a full brother to the highly proven Eddie. At +95 pounds of fat and +.12% he is certainly a breed leader at a time the industry is searching for more butterfat. Edition doesn't have a type proof yet, but the early classified daughters are deviating nearly two points over herdmates. They have great feet and legs, wide rumps, deep rib, and well-attached udders. Here's a bull to get in on early!

Dam of Edition:
Weaverline Blackstar Echo-ET EX-92

122H1178 RANDER solidifies his position in the Top 100 TPI list @ 1461. He increased 150 Lbs of milk and 5 Lb of protein and fat, while mantaining his type proof . He is a Bellman from a Blackstar from a Rotate , bred by Arlinda Holsteins. RANDER sires cows that are average in stature, with above average strength and body depth. They have great feet and legs that walk straight ahead, and snug udders with a deep crease and teats way under the udders. With his high components and his solid type proof he satisifies the need of the commercial dairy as well as the purebred program.
Sousa Rander Grade #333

Top Bulls By Category Available from Network

TPI     Protein     Fat
122H2065 Sayre +1494 122H2065 Sayre +90 122H1194 Edition +95
076H0158 Winner +1484 122H2067 Butch +75 122H2070 Mentor +85
122H1178 Rander +1461 122H1178 Rander +71 122H1178 Rander +83
122H2065 Butch +1454 076H0137 Select +70 122H1128 Grover +80
122H1128 Grover +1417 122H1097 Rapture +69 076H0158 Winner +79
122H1169 Cody + 1409 122H2059 Glenn +69 122H2067 Butch +76
122H1141 Lon +1408 122H1169 Cody +68 122H2012 Sonny +75
076H0156 Shandy +1406 122H1169 Cody +73


"Ton" Milk Bulls     PTA TYPE
122H2065 Sayre +2623 076H0149 Vince +2.81
122H2067 Butch +2305 122H1141 Lon +2.40
122H2063 Jazzy +2275 122H2053 Infer +2.30
076H0137 Select +2255 122H2068 Aero Laban +2.01
122H1097 Rapture +2115 122H2056 Prince +1.85
076H0158 Winner +2085 076H0156 Shandy +1.69
122H1141 Lon + 2000 076H0158 Winner +1.67