No. 4

AUG, 1998

122J5063 AVERY #2 Active PTI Sire
Bancrest Lester AVERY retains his # 2 active sire position @ 386 PTI, 63P, 65F and 1932M he is still THE flush bull of the Jersey breed. The most exciting part of his new proof is the increase to 2.70 PTAT. This places him among the elite for production and type. Avery sires daughters that are tall, with good feet and legs, great frames, and have well attached udders. He appears to be a great cross on the Berrettas and other Sooner bloodlines.

Yosemite Avery Pal
122J5064 TIDY increases to # 12 on active list at PTI 339. His proof includes 64F, 58P, 1765M and +2.6 for type. This maternal brother to AVERY by Malcolm makes them the best brother combination going. Their mother , Bancrest Pal 667 EX 91 is proving to be a great brood cow. TIDY should be bred to daughters of Berretta and Berretta sons , Sooner, Kyle, Dexter, Kahn, and Juno

Yosemite Avery Pleasure T1462

122J5067 Jason "Makes his move"
122J5067 Jason makes a major move increasing over 300 pounds of milk, 10 pounds of protein, 13 pounds of fat, and 57 PTI points. Jason, an early Midnight STORM son from a Royal daughter, appears to be the number four cheese yield bull of the breed. Use Jason to sire cows with good frames, correct feet and legs, capacions udders high and wide in the rear, with deep creases and correct teat placement.

JASON should work the best on daughters of Lester, Malcolm, Brook, Brass Top, Skyline, Bold Venture and Chief.

Dupat Jason 5056
8/98 Jersey Type
Seven Network Jersey sires in the active lineup over 2 points sure shows we have more than just production to offer. Heading the Network list for type is 122J5061 Pride @ +2.8. 122J5063 Follows closely @ +2.7, increasing from +2.1 in May. 122J5005TORM is also at +2.7 for type.
Three bulls are +2.6 PTAT, 122J5064 Tidy, 122J4241 Nina Earl, and 122J5150 Booker, 122J5043 Potlach also makes the type parade at +2.4.
All of these bulls are over 3.00 points in Dairy Form, over 2.00 points on rear udder height and width, and all are plus for teat placement and center support. All in all a great group of type breed inprovers.
Two Jerseys to watch
Two jersey bulls receiving their first proof in august '98 are 122J5079 Marvin and 122J5082 Foam. Neither bull was released this time, but both have the early look of potential members of our November line-up.
1) 122J5079 MARVIN - A Bold Venture son from Senks Lester Mandy, MARVIN  looks to be a high components bull for the modern market. At 58#P and 59#F, plus for both components, and +0.9 PTAT he is certainly an exciting prospect.
2)122J5082 FOAM - A Mchale from Sooner Fame from the Flower family at Molly Brook.  FOAM is already creating lots of interest. A full brother to 122J5081 Famous . Foam is +1807 milk +54 protein +80 fat and +2.5 PTAT for a PTI of +329, a great first summary. Expect Foam to make a major impact on the breed with his great type and extreme fat yield, something the market is looking for.