~Holstein Highlights~ 08/98




No. 4

AUG, 1998

New Bulls available from Network
Several new exiting bulls are available from Network Genetics - bulls that are high for TPI, protein pounds, milk, type - something to fit anyones genetic needs. Three of these bulls were actually released three months ago, but their neew proofs make an update necessary.
122H2065 SAYRE is a Aerostar from a Mandingo Rob bred by WM. Lutz. At 92 Lbs of protein SAYRE is tied for fourth in the breed for PTA protein. Sayre sires open, dairy cows with correct feet and legs,  as well as high wide rear udders and cows that have soft, capacions udders. Use Sayre on your smooth cows that need to a shot of milk and dairyness.

Cheeko Sayre Star

122H2067 BUTCH is causing quite a stir at Network. Sampled by Galen and Wendy Zens in New Mexico, Butch is a Mascot from an Enhancer from a Rotate. He sires cows with wide, dairy frames , well attatched udders with great rear udders and a nice foot and leg pattern. We realize that being a Mascot from an Enhancer most would worry about the feet and legs. But having seen the Butch daughters, Mike Hobby feels there is a lot of the Rotate feet and legs coming through from Butch's grandam. Butch is an exciting addition to the Network lineup. At +2200M, 75P, 76F and +1.26 PTAT he will fit most breeding programs.

Valley Gold Butch Zens #4616

122H1178 RANDER received his first type proof on the August '98 run, a very respectable +1.26 PTAT, +0.73 UDC and +1.02 FLC. Along with his production proof of +1488 milk +0.08% protein 64 PTAP +0.10% fat +78 PTAF, Rander debuts on the Top 100 TPI list @ #90 with a TPI of 1395. He is a Bellman from a Blackstar, bred by Arlinda Holsteins.
RANDER sires cows that are average in stature, with above average strength and body depth. Thay have great feet and legs that walk straight ahead, and snug udders with a   deep crease and teats way under the udders. At .10% fat and 78 Lbs of fat, Rander should fit the market for those wanting to increase the fat percent in their herds without sacrificing pounds. 122H1178 Rander is a product of Network Young Sire Sampling Program.

Arlinda Rander P & L Souza #333

122H2068 AERO LABAN. Aero Laban is an Aerostar son from a Mark from a fomous Valiant daughter, Van-Vliet Delightful Loni. At +57 PTAP, +1776 milk, +2.03 PTAT, +1.36 UDC, +2.15 FLC, Aero Laban offers a good blend of production and super type. Being the result of the complimentary mating Aerostar x Mark,  AERO LABAN sires long, tall, deep cows with great feet and legs and udders that are well attatched fore and rear. Protect Aero Laban on rump angle, as some can be slightly up in the pins.
122H2063 JAZZY is a Glamour Bell son that is an outstanding Calving Ease Sire at 7% ,as well as a high production bull at +2272M. JAZZY is the functional type specialist , with daughters that are really open (+2.92 Dairy Form) with quality udders, close in the teats and with strong center support. He is also extremely high on Productive Life at +2.30.
Zonneveld Jazzy Grade #1927