~Holstein Highlights~ 05/98




No. 3

MAY, 1998

The May 1998 proofs can best be described as the proof with no major changes.
122H1141 Lon continues to be our #1 PTAT bull at +2.42, +1.30 UDC, +2.38 FLC, and Network’s highest bull on Holstein’s Top 100 TPI List at 1443 TPI. He is still the “No Holes Aerostar”. His production proof boasts over a ton of milk while still over 60 pounds of protein and 50 of fat. The Lon daughters are calving for the second time, and they are impressive! They continue to develop into cows that dairy- men love~ lots of production with nice dairy frames, beautiful udders and great feet and legs.


Veldhuis Lon #1577

122H1169 Cody also continues to impress all who see them, and even more so, those who are milking Cody daughters. The Codys are medium sized, hard working cows with adequate strength, well attached udders, exceptional foot angle, and legs that walk straight ahead. We definitely feel that they are wider, deeper, stronger cows than his Holstein linear would make you believe. Cody is over 2100 milk, +73 pounds of fat and protein, as well as +.98 PTAT, +.31 UDC, and +1.87 FLC. Profitable, long lasting cows for the profit-minded dairyman.

Van Foeken Cody #131

Other Bulls to take Note of on the Network Genetics Price List Include:
1) 122H1097 Rapture
  +2231 Milk +73#P +1.40 FLC
Rapture continues to sire wet cows that their
owners love. Many are now third lactation and going strong. They definitely have better type (especially in the udders) than what his linear indicates. Calving ease remains a Rapture high- light with lots of heifers being bred to122H1097

Goncalves Rapture #9480

2) 122H0653 Converse ~ “Mr. Reliable”
+1500 Milk, Over 50# Fat & Protein
99% Reliable, +1.33 PTAT, +1.72 UDC, +1.13 FLC
Converse has 9,216 Production daughters siring strong, sound cows and 8% Calving ease.
3) 222H0219 Space *RC
+1700 Milk +62 Protein 1.03 PTAT         +.79UDC +1.25 FLC
Space is a red factor Aerostar x Mark
Add Red Aerostar influence to your herd!
(Available in 1/2 cc straws)
4) 122H1128 Grover
+1724 Milk +0.4% 63 #P +.07% 79#F +1.59PTAT
+1.17 UDC +.75 FLC
Grover is a high components bull with a nice type pattern. He sires cows with dairy strength, nice udders and correct feet and legs. Grover is a Leadman son from a cow family with many sons in AI.
Four New Bulls on Network’s Active List
122H2067 Butch
is a Mascot x Enhancer x Rotate. Butch has an extreme production proof with a nice type proof giving him a TPI of 1517. He is +302 MFP$, +2412 Milk, +81# Protein, +82#Fat, +1.27 PTAT, +.67 UDC, +.07 FLC. Butch was proven by Galen and Wendy Zens in New Mexico. In the last six months, we have been watching his proof climb as he adds new daughters. His daughters have dairy strength with extreme udder width. Butch should be available about the first of July.
122H2065 Sayre is another new release bull at Network. Sayre is a breed leader for production at 94# Protein. At +1551 TPI, the rest of his proof includes: +2722 Milk, +94#Protein +83#Fat, +339 MFP$, +.60 PTAT, +1.43 FLC. Sayre’s reliablity is lower than we would like, but having seen the daughters, we have no doubt they are wet. Their udders are much better than the -.58 UDC would make you believe. They are well attached, capacious udders with good teat placement and adequate cleft. Sayre is an Aerostar from a Mandingo Rob. Sayre is now available.
122H1178 Rander is another new release bull. A Bellman x Blackstar x Rotate, Rander is another product of the Arlinda breeding program. At +1401 Milk, +66 #Protein, +70# Fat, Rander is a “big-time” components bull. Rander does not have a type proof, but Holstein has recently been doing SETS on his daughters. So far, over thirty daughters have been scored with an average deviation of over 2.5. His daughters are medium stature cows with good udders and feet & leg We are looking forward to his type proof in August.
122H2066 Bows is our fourth new release. A Tesk x Leadman from the Mandy family, Bows is one of those good all-around kind of bulls. He is +1707 Milk, +53# Protein, +1.46 PTAT, +.66 UDC and +.94 FLC.
Taurus Bulls at Network Genetics
We are offering four Taurus bulls on our current holstein price list. All of the rest of the Taurus lineup is available through Network. Ask us about any other bulls not listed. New this proof is 76H0270 Polled Plus *RC. He is a Red Factor Aerostar son with high components, also with the added benefit of being polled. Polled Plus is +1.45 PTAT, +.70 UDC, +1.49 FLC, and is 4% CE. The list of all four Taurus bulls follows:
1) 76H0137 Select *RC
+2435 Milk +73 Protein +76 Fat
Select *RC is a high production red carrier Cubby Son.
2) 76H0147 Whisper
+2164 Milk +69 Protein +70 Fat +1.19 PTAT +1.07UDC
Whisper is a Thor son that increased 100 TPI points-
take a look!
3) 76H0270 Polled Plus
+1179 Milk +.03% 44 Protein +.03% +50 Fat +1.45     PTAT +.70 UDC +1.49 FLC 4% CE- and is polled.
4) 76H0252 Regency
+1724 Milk +49 Fat +1.73PTAT +.96 UDC
Full brother to Raider-all around good cows
Late in April, we hosted our annual Spring Daughter Tour. Joining us were Network Distributors for the U.S. and around the world. We saw daughters of 122H1141 Lon, 122H1169 Cody, 122H2063 Jazzy, 122H1097 Rapture, 122J5063 Avery, 122H5064 Tidy, as well as daughters of many other past and present Network Line up sires. Our distributors also caught a glimpse of the future with a few daughters of 122H1178 Rander. All were impressed. Thank you to all of you who spent the time and money to see several Network daughters. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come to California for a viewing of many of our daughters. You will see why Network is so excited about our present line up. Seeing is believing.