Current Taurus Sire News 8/01

           Welcome to our web site! We are truly a unique stud in an industry that has become one of mergers and ever larger studs. Instead, we have slowly increased our offering and impact on the breed. We focus on improving the profitability of dairymen's herds.




TAURUS SERVICE Presents one of the very best dairy sire line-ups featuring "Profitable Genetics". Taurus code 76 sires are all multi-herd stud proven across the US. Sires selected to progeny test are from the best true breeding cow families with the sire being a complementary mating. Taurus emphasizes total profits; therefore bulls are selected for production and milk components while keeping a balance of good type, long productive life and low somatic cell score. Taurus Service is noted for producing high quality semen that is above average conception. Semen prices offered by Taurus are the most affordable in the industry. Taurus has been an industry leader for 30 years and is the only remaining US stud based in the eastern states.



76HO0158 WINNER (EX-93) is a leading sire that ranks with the best for feet and legs (+2.08), steep foot angle (+3.05), longevity (+2.2 PL), high production (+1484 M) and plus components and good type (dtr ave 81.3). WINNER is now 87% Rel with additional 2nd crop daughters. This Prelude son is the 4th Generation Excellent from a leading protein family. WINNER increased his TPI to +1501 and will rank high on the list. He is the highest Taurus Total Value Sire at +2298.

76HO0149 VINCE (EX-90) adds 2nd crop daughters and maintains his high type (+2.35) and top udder traits (+2.17 UDC) and near perfect type profile. He is now at +1496 M and 84% Rel. VINCE is one of the best Holstein sires for making big open framed dairy cows with excellent udders. Note his low somatic cell score (2.89) and long productive life (+1.6) and use VINCE to get "Profitable Genetics" in your herd. VINCE is Taurus’s #2 Total Value Bull at +2213

76HO0156 SHANDY*RC (EX-90) is another Taurus Sire adding 2nd crop daughters that has maintained his top proof. Shandy is the leading TPI red carrier sire at (+1427) and one of the breeds best for feet and legs (+1.81). Now at 83% Rel, SHANDY maintains his high productive proof of (+933 M) with +.03% fat and +.03 protein for a NM$ +408. This 516 aAa sire is also one of the breeds lowest somatic cell score sires at 2.81. SHANDY is a Momentum-Red son from the great Scarlet family. He is +2163 Taurus Total Value and warrants use in every herd with black or red cows.

76HO0322 OUTBREAK (VG-88) is a newer proven high-ranking "outcross Taurus sire" that fits every breeding program. Note his high production, +1350 M, +66 F and +47 P with high components (+.07% F and +.03% P). OUTBREAK is +479 NM$ with low somatic cell score (2.93) and a high TPI sire (+1443) for a +2119 Taurus Total Value. This 162 aAa calving ease (8) Dombinator son is from 5 generations of Excellent Dams without any Bell, Mark, Blackstar, Starbuck or Mascot in his pedigree. OUTBREAK is the new sire for you!

76HO0275 DARREL is a new release Taurus sire. This 432 aAa Mandel son is easy calving (9) and one of the best for components (+.09% F & +.05% P). DARREL is a top type bull at +1.96 and is +1435 TPI with a near perfect type profile. Check out this new Taurus sire that makes profitable cows with excellent udder shape and attachments that are really tied on (+2.44 udder cleft) and +2.61 shallow udder depth.

76HO0179 LYON-RED is the leading red bull in the breed at +1330 TPI. LYON-RED went up for Milk, Fat, Protein, Net Merit, type and TPI. What more can you ask of the red and white sire that is from the Scarlet family? LYON-RED is also noted for terrific rear udders (+2.30 high) and (+2.49 wide). LYON-RED should see use on a majority of the red cows.

76HO0330 REDWOOD *RC is a new red carrier Bellwood son, so he offers pure production to the breed with good components and very acceptable type. REDWOOD *RC is a good (9) calving ease +1328 M, +45 F, +42 P and +.88 Type and +1343 TPI for a Taurus Total Value of +1869.

76HO0270 POLLED PLUS*RC now has over 180 daughters in his proof and is the leading polled sire available. He is only (8) calving ease, sires high components (+.07% F & +.06% P) and is a 516 aAa sire. POLLED PLUS *RC and other Taurus Polled Holstein sires 76HO0358 FORTIFY RED (Polled Plus X 2E91 GMD DOM Savina) and 76HO0394 FINISHLINE *RC (Fred son from the Polled Plus full sister to Fortify-Red) join more polled Holstein Sires at Taurus, 76HO0350 TOM P *RC, 76HO0369 TRAP P, 76HO0392 TURNER P, 76HO0402 OVERJOY P *RC And 76HO0406 TURLEY P *RC. Taurus has the best line-up of polled sires available in the world.

76HO0311 MEGA (VG-85) now at 91% Rel proves to be an outstanding all around sire that makes show winners and is a calving ease (8) bull. MEGA is +1056 M, +.07%, +54 F, +.03%, +39 P and +1838 Taurus Total Value. Why not also use 76HO0386 MISCHIEF and 76HO0387 MYSTERY, young brothers to Mega and 76HO0388 MANEATER who’s dam is a full sister to Mega?

76HO0314 MOSES (EX-91) is an outcross (Elton X Sexation) calving ease sire (7) that increases fat and protein (+.07% F & +.06% P). Use MOSES and consider using 76HO0357 MILO the 165 aAa Storm son from the Tesk sister to Moses.

76HO0304 LOREDO (VG-86) is another calving ease Taurus sire (8) with lots of milk (+1583) and +415 NM$. LOREDO sires average sized cows with good feet and legs and udder support. This Bellton son is from the top breeding Leopard cow hailing from Rothrock.

76HO0252 REGENCY (VG-89 GM) is at 99% Rel with thousands of daughters and +2.2 Productive Life. This Starbuck son is the highest proven Hanover-Hill sire in the breed. Be sure to continue his use for open dairy cows with all kinds of quality. See the new Taurus flyer for the Roxy Family Sires available, and note that 76HO0318 SUPRIMO (Lieutenant X Star Roxy) is now proven and is +.10% F & +.07% P.

76HO0107 SUNBUCK (EX-97) now has an international proof and is known as a "Great Breeding Sire". 76HO0312 SAL-VATION (EX-95) is now 93% Rel with high milk +877 and super type +2.07 with a most impressive type profile. See pictures of SUNBUCK and SAL-VATION, the world’s two highest classified brothers, in the new Taurus Poster that you can display in your farm office. We are offering a very special price deal on these two Sallie H sons now. Don’t miss using more SUNBUCK and SAL-VATION.


TAURUS SERVICE offers leaders in all dairy breeds including the best line-up of AYRSHIRE sires in the U.S. and semen from AMERICAN LINEBACK, DUTCH BELTED, MILKING SHORTHORN, NORMANDE and POLLED BULLS in the Holstein, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn and Jersey breeds. Taurus has expanded the JERSEY line-up with several new sires to progeny test. Rapid Bay Jerseys and other private sires and now Mannix and two newly proven Taurus Jersey Sires are now available.



76AY0710 TRIDENT (EX-95) is now over 13 years of age and still producing. No question TRIDENT is the best Ayrshire Sire ever. You can purchase TRIDENT semen at 1/2 price with some other Taurus proven Ayrshire Sires.76AY0721 LOT the breed leading Trident son is +777 M, +05%, +39 F, +.05%, +33P and +.8 Type. LOT is recognized as the protein king. Another Trident son 76AY0722 PERFORMER is a top milk bull at (+1219 M). Be sure to consider 76AY0716 SOLDIER the foot and leg improver that sired the All-American "Polly" who has a son, 76AY0731 PARAGON, at Taurus and one or all of several new Taurus Progeny Tested sires.


76BS9016 EMORY is known as "the bull that can do it all". He is available at 1/2 price with the purchase of an equal amount of his brother 76BS0900 EVEN who is a leading NM$ bull in the breed at +368. The Italian proven Emory son 206BS0003 PLAYBOY is now available from Taurus along with additional Swiss Sires.


76JE0121 GUIDO is one of the first Taurus Jersey sires to be proven. Guido is +1157 M and +1.5 Type. 76JE0122 CRUSH has his first production proof at +973 M & +42 P. This bull is +1664 DYD for milk, so expect to see more from CRUSH.

140JE0330 MANNIX is +416 NM$ and +1.7 Type making him one of the top ranking PTI sires available. Taurus is now offering Jersey sires from New Zealand, Australia and Danish Jersey bulls and progeny testing an impressive new group of sires including one from a sister to "Crush" and a son of the #1 PTI cow.


76GU0800 DIVIDEND is sought after because of his super type (+1.3) good milk (+697) and his ability to sire show winning daughters that have been for nominated All-American.


Consider the complete Taurus line up, including the American Lineback, a new "Classic White" bull and a red lineback. The worlds largest line up of Dutch Belted Sires, Milking Shorthorn bulls including 76MS0429 PEERLESS and several Polled Dairy Bulls in the Holstein, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn and Jersey breeds. Taurus can supply all your semen needs. Normande semen will be available soon.